This was the first music video I've worked on in a few years. The DOP Blaine Rennicks supplied me with some lovely 4k RED footage to work with and after some guidance from Dermot Murphy (of The Drummer and the Keeper) I began to work bringing his vision to life.
For the first edit I tried to keep all the footage true and in sync with how it was recorded, however after a few early passes it became clear that some energy was missing in parts, so I began to mix and match shots from all over to give it more punch. The band really wanted the video to scream energy, so that then became priority. The cutaway shots used were supplied to me and I added them where specified by the director. 
This was a cool project to work on and I look forward to doing more with the band in future.
Director of Photography - Blaine Rennicks
Director - Dermot Murphy
Producer - Aidan Frawley 
Editor - Des Foley
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