Urban Brewing is home to Dublin's newest microbrewery, serving the freshest and most exclusive beers directly from the tank. Alongside a Gastro Tapas Bar + Restaurant, it also offers a social brewing, drinking and dining experience unmatched in the city.
For this project I was asked to create a walkthrough / tour video that focused on the different areas of the building so potential customers can see that it's more than your average bar and restaurant. The walkthrough shot was one take and was shot on a MoviM5 rig using a DSLR and wide lens. 
The client had a clear vision for this video from the start and I worked closely with him throughout to deliver what he requested. Everything from the music, to the pacing and the usage of on screen text was guided by his input. 

I also created 6 shorter videos (15 - 30 seconds) that would be used as social assets on Instagram and Facebook. These clips would give customers a brief look at the different areas and services Urban Brewing offers. 
These clips are very simple with no fancy editing. Their purpose was to show the different sections of the building. Very little time was allocated to capture this footage so most of it was done in one or two takes and I had to move on. 

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