Agencies: vStream / Vocal
Client: Skillsoft
My Role: From September 2016 - November 2017 I was part of a team that created over 200 e-learning videos for Skillsoft. My job involved editing an initial green screen content edit, client feedback, working with compositors to get the final shots and then assembly of the final piece with all other stings, transitions and sound effects.
Below is a short excerpt from a finished video with green screen overlaid in parts. Videos ranged anywhere from 1 - 12 minutes in length depending on the course and content. Some setups were simple while others required a lot of planning and tedious work during the editing and comping phase, such as including characters that weren't present in the same shot and making them interact correctly.
As a team we continuously learned new ways to give the client a high quality product at scale and speed. The project thought me how to edit at a fast pace but also how to manage various aspects of the project so that I could get all the assets I required on time and also have everything online for the client to review within the schedule. 
We also produced 3 campaign videos for social media. These videos were used to promote the e-learning content to a slightly younger audience who are starting their careers. Each video had a very different concept, but were tied together by a VO and end sting.
Producer: Camille Donegan
Creative Director: David Howlett
Director of Photography: Albert Hooi
Editing / Motion Graphics / Audio / Titles: Des Foley  
I also worked on set for these videos and assisted in the movement of objects during the filming of the stop motion piece 'Stasis'.
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