Director of Photography: Des Foley 
Editor: Des Foley
Road To WRC is a documentary series that follows Sean Johnston & Alex Kihurani on their journey to the highest level of Rally competition.
This series first debuted with 2 pilot episodes in 2019 before partnering with who shared episodes to their large YouTube audience. Road To WRC parted ways with Dirtfish towards the end of 2022 and will have a new home in 2023.
Locations:  Wales, France, Hungary, Latvia, Sardinia, Finland, Estonia, Monte-Carlo, Portugal, Kenya and Japan.​​​​​​​

Road To WRC Intro Sting

▶ Watch SeRIES 3  (208 mins]
▶ WATCH SeRIES 2  [76 mins]  
▶ WATCH SeRIES 1  [85 mins]
▶ WATCH PILOTS  [33 mins]
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