O'Hara's / Carlow Brewing Company
Client: Carlow Brewing Company
Brief: To celebrate it's 20th year, produce a 2 - 3 minute clip about the history and current state of Carlow Brewing Company / O'hara's. The clip would shown to potential partners and investors during pitches, and also shared on social channels
Footage was filmed at the brewery and at various trade and beer festival events throughout the year. Interviews with the owner Seamus O'hara and several employees were also used to tell the story.

An example of some other work I have done for O'hara's can be seen below. While filming at the Irish Craft Beer festival they asked me to create a piece that focused on their brand. No brief was given but I decided to make a clip that used situation type and motion graphics to highlight 5 of their drinks. All of the motion graphics were created and tracked in After Effects. 
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