Nathalie Lennon Fitness - Rise with NLF Workout Videos
In the summer of 2020 I filmed a follow along exercise series for fitness influencer Nathalie Lennon. To help promote the product, we also created several promotional clips for social media. The trailer can be seen here.
The content was packaged along with a guide and presented online. In total there were 6 follow along videos each with their own animated countdown timer and on screen text. An additional 84 exercise guides were also created, each ranging from about 45-90 seconds in length. Some screenshots and sample can be seen below. 
The program can be purchased over on
6 Warm up routines 
84 single exercises 
This was quite a large project with many video files to be rendered, all with their own VO. All clips were filmed at a high frame rate so they could be played back in slow motion, making it easier for the viewer to grasp the exercise they are learning. Sample clip below: 
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