In summer 2016 I travelled down to the beautiful Blessington lakes in Co. Wicklow to shot a montage edit about the Knockanstockan music festival. This piece was commissioned by O'hara's craft beers who were heavily involved in the sponsorship of the event. Their involvement also influenced parts of the edit with the brief asking for a number of shots to specifically show O'hara's branding and people enjoying their product. 

Below are a selection of some other music festival and event videos that I have worked on.
Rhythm Scheme | Oxegen Music Festival in 2013
Rhythm Scheme, a band I used to perform with took to the stage at the last ever Oxegen festival. A very exciting live show with nice back drop made this a pleasure to film and edit.
Blues, Roots & Brass Festival 2017
Blues, Roots & Brass Music Festival which took place in Whelans, Dublin. I shot most of this on a Sony FS5 and decided to do something different and have a lot of the footage in slow motion. 
Dada Life | Central Park Galway 2012
This is quite an early one dating back to 2012 when Dada Life destroyed Galway's Central Park (now Electric Garden) with an incredible high energy performance. Was really fun to shoot.
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