Client: Budweiser Ireland
Agency: Wilson & Hartnell (Ogilvy)
Brief: Create 10 videos in 10 days, each documenting an unsigned artist's or band's time in the Future Sounds studio as they record a track with producer Rob Kirwan. Each video is to be edited and published online the same night as it's capture and the process will then begin again the next day with a new act.
Date: November 2013
The Budweiser Future Sounds of Irish Music was a 2 week recording / marketing exercise where 10 acts each recorded a track in 10 days with Irish Producer Rob Kirwan. It was my job to direct, shoot, and edit the photo and video content that was pushed out on Budweiser’s Facebook and Youtube channels. 
I filmed and edited each video in a narrow time frame and also worked with each act to capture a photo shoot and behind the scenes shots as the events unfolded. The project was seen as a success and the videos collectively received hundreds of thousands of plays on Facebook and Youtube.
The video below is all 10 clips assembled back to back for ease of viewing. They can also be viewed individually on the Budweiser Ireland Youtube channel.
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